Are you a partner, son or daughter?

The demented and you will have to get used to this disease.

One of the characteristics of Dementia is a change in behavior and decline of memory from the person with dementia.

Dementia is often an insidious disease.

This might be your first encounter, dealing with dementia. Maybe you think that someone with dementia is ‘lost’ from one day to the next…all of a sudden, however, this is not the case. People with dementia often live at home for years and participate in society.

Do you have a question, are you looking for practical tips on dementia or are you curious about how to deal with the situation?

To help you with this, we offer training in ‘Dealing with changing behavior in dementia’. The training will help you understand the changing behavior of the person suffering from dementia and give tips on how to deal with it better.

We also advise you how to talk about the diagnosis of Dementia in family meetings to avoid misunderstandings.

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