Diagnose and treatment

Talking about the diagnosis of dementia can be difficult and tricky. Yet it is important to be open about the disease. You want to avoid misunderstandings.

A visit to the family doctor (link opens in a new browser tab or window) can be a high threshold for someone who may be told that they have dementia. Ultimately, it is better for everyone to know what is going on, even if it turns out to be something different than dementia.

Therefore, a family meeting or family council can help.

A family meeting is also very suitable to get support and understanding for you as the most important informal caregiver. You can ask who wants and can support you. It often appears that family members are happy to help you. One can do more than the other, but together you come a long way.

During the conversation everyone realizes what is going on and you see each other’s reactions. Within it everyone can have their own experience and emotions.

Do not forget the grandchildren when preparing the conversation. They accurately capture the signals. They understand more than you think, however small they may be. If they understand what is going on, they can find their own way to deal with it.