Dealing with dementia

When someone has dementia, it is important to deal with this disease in a good way.

Dementia raises a whole range of emotions, both your loved one as you. Sadness, fear, powerlessness, anger and shame. Shame for the disease itself, shame for the behavior that your loved one can show through the disease.

Openness about dementia and its consequences is always a sensible choice. By talking about it and naming feelings, you help your loved one – and yourself – accept that it is as it is. That is certainly not always the case. Your beloved will possibly oppose the idea that the environment knows what’s going on. An understandable reaction because the prospects are confronting and the environment can react negatively or with incomprehension.

How can you best approach the person with dementia? How can you deal with dementia?

And what is the best to do?

We are happy to provide support, advise and counselling to families who find dementia a difficult condition to navigate. Please fill in the contact form for the next step.